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Estate Sales or sometimes referred to as "Tag Sales" in Columbus is where items are priced and potential customers browse through the home and purchase items.  Our team will help develop a plan to create a professional looking boutique within your home.  The process includes sorting, organizing, utilizing our expertise and databases to research the value of items, price them, and conduct a two or three day sale.  Don't let our name (Urban "Online Auctions") confuse you, conducting Estate Sales is where a majority of our experience comes from!  There are many East Sale/Tag Sale companies in town and we have taken our experience and what we see as the best parts of what they offer into one service!  Our team offers a 100% full service, professional estate sale with a personal touch.  We treat your treasured property as if it was ours with the mindset of maximizing profit while meeting out goal of clearing out the home.  We meet with you to discuss the options for selling your personal property from clothing and collections to vehicles.  Estate Sales can be completed in as little as 8 days!


When downsizing there is a myth that the largest company will offer the best results, or that it does not matter who is used when downsizing. That could not be further than the truth. There is a difference when choosing a company to help you come up with a strategic plan to downsize, move, or sell personal property. Do they help you pack? Do they set aside personal items you may want? Do they communicate the process with you?


We tell our clients, take what you want and we will sell the rest! How easy is that? 


The main questions to ask yourself, when choosing a company to hire:

  • Does this company truly care about my items they are selling? Is it personal? 

  • Are they making large groupings of items just to complete the job, or are they breaking groupings down to maximize your profits?

  • Is it professional? Do the photos look like they took the time to show your items in the best "light"?

  • Do they actually help you develop a strategic plan for your transition?


We have been told by our clients "it feels like we're family and you are doing your best for us."


We do our BEST for every client! 

Give us a call if you would like for us to come out and help with your transition!


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