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COLUMBUS!!! Downsize with the PROS! A Thank You and a Thought!



THANK YOU! a team at UOA, we wanted to personally "Thank" everybody for the support and outreach of our last auction! Our buyers were great and the pick up went smooth. We sold and had interest in Items all across the country (and a few other countries!) through marketing on Instagram and Facebook! The results were amazing and the process was flawless!

A Myth vs. Downsizing with Us!

When downsizing there is a myth that the largest company will offer the best results, or that it does not matter who is used when downsizing. That could not be further than the truth. There is a difference when choosing a company to help you come up with a strategic plan to downsize, move, or sell personal property. Do they help you pack? Do they set aside personal items you may want? Do they communicate the process with you?

We tell our clients, take what you want and we will sell the rest! How easy is that?

The main questions to ask yourself, when choosing a company (in my opinion) are these:

  • Does this company truly care about my items they are selling? Is it personal?

  • Are they making large groupings of items just to complete the job, or are they breaking groupings down to maximize profits?

  • Is it professional? Do the photos look like they took the time to show your items in the best "light"?

  • Do they actually help you develop a strategic plan to your transition?

We were told by our client during our last auction "it feels like were family and you are doing your best for us." We do our BEST for every client! We truly believe that because the contents of this home were researched, grouped, and photographed by us...they sold for MUCH more than anticipated...even by our client!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and inside info!

Give us a call if you would like for us to come out and help with your transition!

Urban Online Auctions

Ashley - 740-817-4791

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